In-House Training

In-House Training

We are very delighted to hear from you that your team member in the company or maybe outside company would like to get direct and deeper insight as well as High ROI on the training.

We support companies who treat training as part of their way to achieve company’s vision, mission, and value. We support companies who want to make better relationship with their team member and vice versa. And we do support companies who give higher value to togetherness rather than just making board of directors happy with a sum of money.

However, due to our tight schedule giving training around the country, after your fill-in our In-house Training Requisition Form and mail us back to:, we will choose what best for both of us.

Since quality is one of our main concern (I believe it’s yours too), we don’t want to pretend that we are happy to receive your requests and allowing us to deliver the training on your schedule. No, that’s not the way.

We will and may discuss to find out what is the best time for all of us, for the goodwill of our relationship.

In-house Training Requisition Form

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