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Now, everyone and anyone can be EASILY to be and enjoy working as a TOUR GUIDE … even if you’re not an SMK Pariwisata nor a tourism academy/university graduates.

Customizable, easy-to-use, and proven result tour delivery methods for a beginner and an experienced tour guide or tour leader, and anyone who might want to be and enjoy public speaking career as a TOUR GUIDE for local area and over-the-land, a Driving GUIDE (a TOUR GUIDE as DRIVER and vice versa), and any job that might require the tour delivery methods.

Based on the presentation or delivery principles, tools and techniques of world class public speaker, presenter, and successful entrepreneur.

Now, you can discover the secrets to be and enjoy working as a TOUR GUIDE, it’s a get-paid-to-travel-job, a lifetime traveling-job-opportunity, and yet it’s fun and inspiring job to do.

  • Have you ever imagine going around our nation’s most beautiful and exotic places, stays in the best hotels/accommodations, enjoy the very best and yet various of our nation’s traditional foods?
  • Have you ever imagined that, while traveling around the country, visiting places you’ve never gone before, sharing stories and exchanging experience as well as accompanying people getting around – you don’t have to pay a single Rupiah? On the contrary, you get paid for what you do? Isn’t that a fun job to do, too?
  • Maybe you want to be a Tour Guide…, >> BUT you’re NOT an SMK Pariwisata nor a tourism academy graduates, and you didn’t know where to start.
  • Maybe you’re NOT an SMK Pariwisata nor a tourism academy graduates…, >> BUT seems like you’re very familiar to the area of your hometown, have a driving skill and possessed driving license as well.
  • And maybe you’re already having been experienced taking tourists around…, >> BUT sometimes you feel like you’re still uncomfortable, lack of self-confidence, and sounds that you’re NOT clear and concise guiding or presenting in front of them.
  • Or, maybe you’re a tour & travel entrepreneur (owner of a local tour operator, organizer, or company) in your hometown…,
  • Whether you’re still delivering your own tour package (you’re the boss and you’re the guide, too) …, or maybe you give your: tour itinerary, paging name, paging board, cash advance, guests list, vouchers, tickets, and other guiding kits – to your tour guides (whether he/she’s your staff or just a freelance), to deliver the tour program and expecting everything will be okay…, >> BUT in the end, you still got COMPLAINS from your guests and the Tour Leader or the Owner of the partnering tour company.

>>>The result is: you got WORRY, HEADACHE, and even STRESS! <<<

Do you still want to do this for the rest of your life – SUFFERING from WORRY, HEADACHE, and even STRESS – every time you got a group of tourists buy your tour package, while they are expecting from you they will get the best tour experienced ever, from the program you’ve made with your whole ideas, attention, and expertise?

If the answer is NO to the above question, please continue reading.

While you’re searching, browsing, scrolling, clicking, and reading from site to site, looking some resources on the internet and maybe from other media for the solution you really need in the subject of tour guiding, whether you realize it or not, you’re having what expert called a ‘TOUR DELIVERY PROBLEM’


Yes, that’s right. You’re having a tour delivery problem.

But that’s okay.

Everyone in the business has it.

And it’s NOT YOUR 100% FAULT after all.

I suspect that, the root that caused to the problem you’re having is the lack of information, some books or references available online and offline, as well as trainings on the subject of TOUR GUIDING that can be easily accessed by people like you, people who want to be and enjoy career as a Tour Guide, or running the tour & travel business.

>> BUT, it’s NOT going to be okay if you let the problem exist every time you got a group of guests.

>> It’s NOT going to be okay if your WORRY, HEADACHE, and STRESS keep coming at you and torture you every time you deliver the tour.

Finally, Revealed for Public! The Secret to BE a TOUR GUIDE easily, even if you are not an SMK Pariwisata nor Tourism Academy/University graduates

Discover the secret of successful … in reaching their … by using … without … in only 3 days training!

Please don’t be hurry to sign up: CERTIFIED PRACTITIONER OF TOUR GUIDE TRAINING® before you understand the benefit of this training or you would like to read the book first:


Bagaimana Cara Menjadi The Next Generation of Indonesian Tour Guide Practitioner – Praktisi Pramuwisata yang Siap Bicara, Siap Bekerjasama, dan Siap Melayani.