Want to getting to know with other fellow tour guides around Indonesia?

Want to get more insights, ideas, inspirations, motivations, and maybe also getting a job from fellow tour guides in the country?

Or maybe you want to SHARE your ideas and experiences to others fellow tour guides?

Please feel free to join the INDONESIAN TOUR GUIDE SOCIETY® (ITGS)

Here’s what you’ll get by joining ITGS:

  • GROW

Qualifications to join ITGS:

  • We have no specific qualification for anyone who wants to join ITGS. We only encourage you gently to join *Certified Practitioner of Tour Guide Training®. After you join the training, hopefully the rest is miracle…

Q & A Session


A: INDONESIAN TOUR GUIDE SOCIETY is the Online Platform for people who loves, dedicated, and motivated in tour guiding’s job and responsibility. People with the appropriate mindset as a tour guides and eager to promote his/her service, as well as committed to always give the best for tourists or visitors in the area where he/she deliver the tour and the service.

Q: “How can a person join the society?”

A: First, read the book: TOUR GUIDE REVOLUTION 1st Edition – Bagaimana Cara Menjadi The Next Generation of Indonesian Tour Guide Practitioner – Praktisi Pramuwisata yang Siap Bicara, Siap Bekerjasama, dan Siap Melayani. Which you may order it here.  Hopefully the pre-launch price still available

Second, join the training: Certified Practitioner of Tour Guide Training®. We would like to recommend you to do the second step. Why? Because when a person decided to sign-up and join the training, he/she will be able to get the book and join the society as well. So, it’s like you’ll get triple bonuses in one step or one-time investment.

Q: “What is the qualification to join the society?”

A: We do not require any specific qualifications a tour guide should fulfill in order to join the society. As long as he/she is a tour guide practitioner, listed as our alumni, and always updating his/her knowledge, skills, and attitude as well as updating his/her membership here [], then you are good to go. The real tour guide is the one who always practicing his/her knowledge, skills, and attitude in tour guiding fields.

Q: “Is the Indonesian Tour Guide Society (ITGS) a legal society?”

A: Yes, it is. While the legal matter of the society to the government are still on the process, in terms of real organization, we do have real office address, we do have 24 hours mobile phone numbers (0819 2966 7888; 0823 7538 7888), we do have Mr. Rachmad Syarif himself who would love to answer your call, we do have 24/7 accessible website for you or anyone who want to learn or download any content from the site, and we do a real person with the real activity and some people (at least some tour & travel owners, some hoteliers, some respected local drivers, some experienced boat captains, restaurant owners and waiters/tress, some government officers, and more) recognizes us. We simply put some cool company logos (with permission in advance) in our HOME page to support our legalities.

Q: “Is the ITGS would be the competitor of Himpunan Pramuwisata Indonesia (HPI)?”

A: It depends on how someone consider what competition is. If competition is like the law of the jungle (a predator need to kill other animal just to survive and brutally eat their prey competing with their own herd), that’s a bad competition and the answer is: “No, we would not and we are not”. We believe that a bad competition is only happen among those who are greedy, always ask for more, and doesn’t care to the others.

We would love to give our respect and treat any other organization as our partner. Because we want to GROW as much as we want to SHARE.

Q: “I am already HPI member. Would it be possible for me to join ITGS also?”

A: Yes, please feel free and welcome to the society. And if you haven’t feel that way, please let us know your concern. The gate to feel welcome is everyone open themselves to the others. Send us your concern to:

Q: “Is ITGS would also going to be like HPI, which already has Chapters (DPD & DPC) and the board of member around Indonesia?”

A: Probably not. We would like to value and respect every tour guides around the country as equal as possible. Because everyone, every tour guide has his/her own uniqueness. And we are open to you or anyone else who would love to SHARE ideas, insights, opinions, inspirations, motivations, etc. Because we believe that it will open more POSSIBILITIES for you and everyone to GROW.

Q: “Besides the benefit that stated above, is there any other benefit joining the society?”

A: We don’t want to be in a hurry, as we realized that the society is just founded. We are like a newly baby born. But through this site, hopefully we can serve the member of the society to be:

  • Hopefully you’ll be recognized nationally (and internationally)

Simply put, you are in a situation like this:

  • When you are guiding on the bus, at some route, in any day, for any group of guests. You put your ITGS Official Membership Card in front side of your shirt, with the id card’s band that is written “INDONESIAN TOUR GUIDE – The Academy & The Society®”. Then someone (it can be one of your guest, a storekeeper at souvenir shop, a hotel’s staff, or a restaurant cashier) type your name on Google from his/her smartphone, then he/she click search. What positive perceptions do you want a person might have – besides your name, your membership status, membership number, area of origin, and language ability?
  • When you are facing a Razia in a certain destination, you got your car pulled over, and a government officer greet you and ask you to show your license. Then you show him your membership card and he scan the barcode on your card with his smartphone. After that, he says, “Thank you sir/madam and have a good trip,” while he smiles and waves at you and your guests. How do you feel then?
  • And hopefully more benefit to come…

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